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Revised March 8, 2020

List of Certified Professional Resume Writers in Toronto

Howard Halpern  •  Karen Shane 
Other Certified Resume Writers
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All writers listed on this website are members of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches
Howard E. Halpern CPRW
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Organization: Résu-Card®
Additional Credentials: MA (psychology), University of Regina, Saskatchewan; Honours BA, York University, Toronto, Ontario.
Other Affiliation: Career Professionals of Canada (founding member).
Address: Our physical address is 877 Kennedy Road, Toronto  M1K 2E9. We no longer offer in-person appointments (see "Method" below). Mailing address is 877 Kennedy Road, Box 308, Toronto  M1K 2E9. We are located in Scarborough, a community in the east end of Toronto.
Method: Resume and related services are provided by telephone and email. In-person assistance is available free of charge at our networking events.
Call landline first: 1-416-398-TALK = 1-416-398-8255
Cell: 1-647-548-TALK = 1-647-548-8255
Both numbers: 24/7/365
Email: halpern [at] bellnet.ca
Web: www.resume.writing-toronto.org
  • Fees: price structure rewards clients who save writer time by submitting info in a computerized format such as Microsoft Word, so that basic facts like position titles and dates can be copied and pasted. This frees up writer's time to identify keywords, achievements, and positive attributes. Time saved by writer translates into financial savings for client.
  • Resume Samples: over 80 documents alphabetically ordered by occupation.
  • Cover Letter Samples.

Resume and Related Services

We write resumes that address the software HR uses to screen candidates. We also write cover letters, follow-up letters, and letters of reference. Additional services: conversion to web format (HTML), web hosting, search engine optimization (SEO) for resume websites; condensation of resume to one page; interview coaching, job search counselling, career counselling (True Colors®, Strong Interest Inventory®, Self Directed Search®, Differential Aptitude Tests®, Career Occupational Preference System, Career Orientation Placement & Evaluation Survey).
  • Inventor of Business-Card Resume (1988).
  • Co-inventor of Greeting-Card Resume (1994).

LinkedIn ® Profile Optimization

We write LinkedIn profiles and optimize them so that recruiters can find them. We also offer training at low cost, so that job candidates can optimize their own profiles.
The techniques we use are extremely powerful, but little known. A partial LinkedIn profile makeover is usually sufficient to generate a high ranking. A full makeover can be expensive, but is not usually necessary. In general, our LinkedIn optimization services cost less than our resume writing services, and the return on investment is much higher.
Leveraging the power of LinkedIn is an excellent way for persons of limited means to maximize their chances of acquiring employment. "LinkedIn" is a registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation. We are not affiliated with that organization except as a Premium member.
Turnaround: Resume and cover letter typically completed in 1-2 days. A LinkedIn profile can be optimized in 1-2 days if it has been fleshed out ahead of time; it can take longer if we need to complete the profile for you. Rush jobs are accepted. However, it is always better to allow an extra day to proofread and avoid errors. Even minor errors can result in rejection.
Background: Held over 30 different kinds of jobs (four related to human resources) in private, public, and semi-public sectors; extensive technical & PR writing experience; performed search engine optimization and other marketing services for (a) Knowledge Media Design Institute at University of Toronto; (b) IT World Canada.
Publications: One of only eight documents deemed "persuasive" in Gallery of Best Cover Letters (2004), by best-selling publisher JIST Works. Cover letter appears in Best Canadian Resumes (2007), a production of Sentor Media Inc. (leading Canadian publisher of career-related books). Articles and poems in consumer and professional journals.
Karen Shane CPRW
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Organization: Award Winning Resumes
Additional Credentials: Certified Resume Strategist (CRS), awarded by Career Professionals of Canada (founding member); BA, York University, Toronto; Medical Office Assistant Diploma with Honours, Seneca College, Toronto.
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Near north exit of Finch Subway Station (TTC), across from Finch GO Station. Parking. Work (a) by phone and email or (b) in person by appointment.
Phone: 1-416-226-0460
Text: 1-647-546-9282
Email: gtaresume123 [at] gmail.com
Services: New resumes, resume updates, resume editing; cover letters, e-notes (concise cover letters), thank you letters. Job search assistance. Interview preparation via a one-hour, interactive mock interview. Guidance for candidates who are not sure of the next step in their career development.
Background: Company established in 1994. Previously worked as coordinator, administrator, instructor, marketing assistant, and salesperson.
Publication: Work appears in five editions of Best Canadian Resumes and Best Canadian Cover Letters, productions of Sentor Media Inc.
Elona Barjamaj CPRW
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 1-647-863-3084
Email: elonabr [at] gmail.com
Carly Haber CPRW
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Organization: Open Doors: Resume Consulting
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 1-647-522-9492
Email: carly.haber [at] gmail.com
Web: www.OpenDoorsResumes.com
Frank Granek CPRW
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 1-416-368-4646
Email: frank [at] frankgranek.com
Web: www.FrankGranek.com
Maegan Oelsner CPRW
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Organization: The Career Foundation
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 1-613-979-6234
Email: maegan.oelsner [at] gmail.com

This is the end of the list of Certified Professional Resume Writers in the city of Toronto. As of September 2, 2019, there were only four such writers in Toronto proper. As of November 2, there are six. Fortunately, there are several additional certified writers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). A comprehensive list of these individuals, including their contact information, can be found at Certified Professional Resume Writers Outside Toronto.

Resumes That Get Job Candidates Screened In

The employment industry is undergoing a revolution. More and more, employers and independent recruiters are using computer software to screen candidates' resumes. Experts familiar with the industry estimate that 80% of employers now use this software. It is known as an Applicant Tracking System, or ATS.
To maximize one's score against the software, keywords need to be added. The keywords vary with each job posting and are not intuitive, that is, they cannot be easily guessed.
Unfortunately, many qualified applicants are being screened out. Recruitment is now global. People from all over the world want to immigrate to Canada and the United States. To do that, they need jobs. Hence, people from all over the world are applying for jobs in North America.
Employers in Canada and the United states are flooded with resumes. In many cases, the people applying for these jobs are not even qualified for the position being advertised. Employers don't have time to read every resume.
According to Sharon Graham, Executive Director, Career Professionals of Canada, "Nearly all major organizations and recruiters today use some form of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to handle job applications and to manage resume data. If you want your resume to rise to the top of the list of candidates, it's crucial that the resume is optimized. Consider using an ATS optimized resume the next time you apply for a job." [1]

Now, some candidates can still get jobs using a more traditional approach, i.e., one that targets the human reader. However, most employers that use ATS software have a policy that does not permit hiring managers to interview applicants unless their resumes achieve a strong score against the ATS software. If the resume scores well, a human being will still have to evaluate it. So, it is important to insert keywords in such a way that the resume makes sense. Merely inserting a list of keywords will not do the trick, and copying sentences verbatim from the job posting is likely to bore the reader.
Furthermore, the information in the resume needs to be presented in a very clear manner, otherwise the machine has difficulty understanding it. For these reasons, among others, it may be advisable to discuss your strategy with a Certified Professional Resume Writer before attempting to craft such a document.
The cost of hiring a professional writer to create a resume for each individual posting may be prohibitive. But it may be cost-effective to hire a writer to produce one such document, so that the candidate has an example of how to do it correctly. Alternatively, if the candidate has a core document, professionally crafted, to which keywords can be added, this may make the task much easier and reduce the risk of error.
We wish you success with your job search.


The heart of this website is a  LIST  of Certified Professional Resume Writers located in greater Toronto, Ontario, Canada. All the certified resume writers identified on this site are legitimate members of the international Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC), based in Florida, USA.
Information about resume services was obtained by searching for the following terms on the PARW/CC website:
  • Certified Professional Resume Writers
  • Toronto
  • Ontario
CAUTION ! ! ! Apart from the writers listed on this website, there are some writers on external websites who claim they have the CPRW credential, but do not have it.
Bona fide CPRWs are writers who maintain their membership in the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches by paying a membership fee each year.
Some of these writers were asked to pay their membership fee but refused and, as a result, are no longer certified. For this reason, before engaging the services of a writer we strongly recommend that you verify the credential at the association's website.

Services Typically Offered by Certified Professional Resume Writers

Most Certified Professional Resume Writers offer the following services:
  • Writing of resumes
  • Writing of cover letters (also known as covering letters)
  • Word-processing of previously written resumes and cover letters
  • High-quality laser printouts of these documents
  • Creation of both plain and graphically-enhanced documents
  • Advice on how to best use these documents
  • Digital files:
    • Given to client on a USB flash drive or other hard media
    • Sent to client via email
In our list of writers we mention some, but not all, of these services.
DISCLAIMER: The links appearing in our lists of writers on this website are not intended to imply endorsement of this site by any Certified Professional Resume Writer or resume writing service here listed.

Networking: Fastest Way to Get a Job

The fastest way to get a job is to meet people who are in a position to recommend, refer, or hire the candidate. Karen Shane and Howard Halpern, both Certified Professional Resume Writers, are helping job seekers network with influential people. This is done at events typically held at a hotel on the airport strip in Toronto, i.e., near Pearson International Airport.

The Networking Objective

As a candidate for employment, your objective should be to establish a strong, professional relationship with someone who works where you want to work and get a reference from that person. If you do that, your chance of securing an interview is excellent. If you don't do that, you are likely competing against those who did.
We have been very successful in getting hot leads for job seekers.
Few people network correctly. At our events, you get detailed instructions on how to network. This gives you a huge advantage. When the event is officially over, we deliver a question-and-answer session for job seekers at no charge.

Temporary Job As Stepping Stone

The fastest way to get a job is to target temporary jobs. A temporary job can often lead to a permanent job. There is a trick to this. People who attend one of our events get access to this information free of charge.

Earn Money While Seeking Employment

Our networking events are sponsored by an organization that gives job seekers an opportunity to earn extra money on the side while they are looking for work. This is optional: job candidates are welcome to come just for the networking. If you are interested, please contact Karen Shane or Howard Halpern directly. Attendance at these events is by invitation only.

About This CPRW Site

This website was written, designed, and scripted in raw HTML by Howard E. Halpern, a Certified Professional Resume Writer. Originally designed in 2002 when mobile phones were not nearly as popular as they are now, this site was initially optimized for desktop browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Making It Mobile Friendly

However, in recent years use of the mobile phone has overtaken that of desktop computers. The number of people using mobile phones to find this site exceeds the number using desktop computers, laptops, or notebooks. For this reason, I have begun the process of making this site mobile friendly.
This home page is now mobile friendly, and the rest of the site will be upgraded to a mobile-friendly format in the near future. Until recently, I had no idea how to do this. I consulted several websites, all of which were written for people who had a high degree of technical knowledge. It was quite a challenge. But I persevered.
I would like to acknowledge, in particular, Mr. Christopher Heng, creator of The Site Wizard, who provided the actual code that got me started and a good deal of information that enabled me to adapt the technology to this particular site, which (with two columns of equal width) is formatted differently from many of the sites I had consulted.

Contact Information

I am president of Résu-Card®, which offers a wide range of resume, writing and related services. My detailed biography may be viewed here. My contact information appears in the list of certified writers along with that of my peers, each of whom operates an independent resume service in Canada.

Additional Sources

Our list of Certified Professional Resume Writers will be expanded as time permits. Meanwhile, those seeking additional information about writers both inside and outside the Toronto area may visit the websites of:
NRWA has only one "Nationally Certified Resume Writer" in Canada, specifically Mississauga in greater Toronto.

Career Professionals of Canada

The organization known as Career Professionals of Canada includes, among its members, both resume writers and other career professionals. This organization does not use the term "certified" in connection with writing per se, but rather, the strategic component of the craft.
Career Professionals of Canada has several "Master Certified Resume Strategists" and "Certified Resume Strategists." All are professional resume writers. This information was obtained from the organization's website. It does not indicate whether these writers are based in greater Toronto, in the city itself, or outside the Toronto area. I am a founding member of Career Professionals of Canada, having joined in 2004. In addition, I have been a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches since 1996 and was certified by that organization in 1998.

A Cooperative Approach

Some may wonder why a resume writer would create a site that directs prospective clients not only to himself, but his competitors, instead of focusing exclusively on his own site. Here are some of the reasons:
  • Like doctors and many other professionals, certified resume writers generally cooperate, rather than compete, with each other.
  • Many of us are friends.
  • Promoting fellow certified writers tends to raise standards and advance the resume writing field as a whole, a process that benefits all.
  • Each Certified Professional Resume Writer has unique strengths. This site gives candidates for employment the opportunity to choose the resume service that best serves their needs.
  1. ^ Graham, Sharon. Email to Howard E. Halpern, dated Feb. 5, 2013.
NOTE: Graham is Executive Director, Career Professionals of Canada, the first and only organization of its kind in this country. She founded it in 2004.
Its members represent all sectors and regions of Canada. Members include resume writers, interview coaches, career coaches, recruiters, employment consultants, outplacement consultants, and a wide range of other career professionals.